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Send to an receiver outside of Sweden that does not exist in InExchange Network yet Follow

If you're going to send invoices to an receiver that is not yet registered in InExchange Network you are welcome to contact our support, and we'll add the receiver to our network immediately. For us to be able to register the receiver we will need some information from you. What kind of information we need depends on which country it concerns.  

For receivers inside the Nordic countries we will genereally need the following information:

  • Full company name*
  • Org.no *
  • Vat.no (Not always the same as the org.no) *
  • GLN * 
  • Contact person: Name och e-mail address. *
  • Operator *

* Required information

Norway has some exceptions:

  • GLN (Is not usually used, but can occur)
  • Operatör (Peppol is often used so there is not always operator behind the receiver)

For other countries we will gladly take as much information as possible. Some setups can require a project from our side. Contact us for more information regarding this. 

Please send the above information to support@inexchange.se to register a new invoice receiver.

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