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  1. How do I become an invoice receiver in InExchange network?
  2. Where do I enter or change the e-mail address for incoming invoices?
  3. Can I change the settings for my invoice receiving service?
  4. Why do we receive PDF-invoices when the supplier has sent an invoice as an e-invoice?
  5. Why do we get PDF invoices to a different e-mail address than the one we entered in the settings?
  6. Received invoices could not be delivered - Recipient

Received invoices could not be delivered - Recipient Follow

Why did this error occur?
Most of the time this error occurs when the e-mail is incorrect or that it does not exist.

How do I correct this error?
Control that you have the correct e-mail address. It could for example have been incorrectly spelled or you could have accidentally entered an invalid character. If it's incorrect, you can correct this under the Account tab and Settings. read more here

To correct the specific invoice that has not been delivered, go to To manage in InExchange Network. 

Read more about To manage here

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