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Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer Follow

  1. About InExchange Invoice printer

    1. Introduction
    2. Order service
  2. Get started

    1. 1 - Installing the invoice printer
    2. 2 - Transfer invoice examples
    3. 3 - Review and approve example invoices
  3. Send invoices

    1. Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer

You have now taken the startup steps and can immediately start sending invoices to your customers via InExchange Invoice Printer.

To send your invoices through our printer is simple:

  1. Print your invoices from your ERP-system to the invoice printer.
  2. Click on Yes, transfer now in the application.
  3. Choose the mode of delivery and connect e-invoice receivers to an receiver in our network.
  4. Add any attachment and press Send.

You can find more information about how to work in the Invoice printer and how to use it to its full capacity in the second part of this guide below.

Get started - Part 2

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