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  1. Installing the invoice printer
  2. I'm having trouble with PDF printing to InExchange Invoice Printer
  3. Introduction
  4. Order service
  5. Transfer invoice examples
  6. Common Invoice examples
  7. What is an invoice template?
  8. Review and approve example invoices
  9. Can I install InExchange Invoice Printer on a server?
  10. Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer

Review and approve example invoices Follow

  1. About InExchange Invoice printer

    1. Introduction
    2. Order service
  2. Get started

    1. 1 - Installing the invoice printer
    2. 2 - Transfer invoice examples
    3. 3 - Review and approve example invoices
  3. Send invoices

    1. Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer

You'll need to control that we have read the information in the invoice examples correctly before you can start sending invoices to your customers through the InExchange Invoice Printer.

Ikon_26---3.png  Here's how to review the reading of your sample invoices:

  1. You review and approve the sample invoices via the link below, and then you can chat with us on questions or concerns that occurs.
    Review your invoice examples
  2. A list is now presented to you with the invoices you have transferred to us. Review the invoices in the list and make sure all information has been entered correctly. Click on the invoice number on the left to open the invoice in a new tab in your browser.

Ikon_16---Utrop.png Does it look good?
Then you can approve the reading by clicking Accept. All invoices you send to us will be processed and delivered to your customers after you have accepted this.

hj_lpikon.png Do you have any questions or does something look wrong?
Please compile the errors you find and contact us via our chat.

Note that the layout in the browser does not represent the layout of the invoice when the recipient receives it. An e-invoice lacks its own graphic layout and therefore varies in appearance depending on who receives the invoice.

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