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  1. InExchange Invoice Printer
  2. My account
  3. Match your customer register
  4. Transfer your invoices
  5. Select delivery method and recipient
  6. Send E-invoice
  7. PDF-invoice
  8. Paper invoice
  9. Add attachments
  10. Find your sent invoices

Transfer your invoices Follow

  1. Get started

    1. InExchange Invoice Printer
  2. Choose how to send your invoices

    1. 1 - Transfer your invoices
    2. 2 - Choose delivery method and recipient
    3. E-invoice
    4. PDF-invoice
    5. Paper invoice
  3. Invoice control

    1. 3 - Send invoice
    2. Add attachments
  4. Maximize your service

    1. Match your customer register
    2. Send full invoice flow
    3. Reminders & Debt collection
  5. Read more

    1. Find your sent invoices
    2. Printer Settings
    3. My account

1. Begin the process by starting your invoice program.

2. Print the invoices you want to send to InExchange Invoice Printer.

3. Choose Yes, transfer now in the window that pops up on your monitor. 


4. Log in with your user credentials in the window that pops up.

If you want to print more invoices choose No, Later, if its a invoice that was not supposed to be printed you can choose the option No, Remove to remove it.  

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