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Send full invoice flow

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    1. InExchange Invoice Printer
  2. Choose how to send your invoices

    1. 1 - Transfer your invoices
    2. 2 - Choose delivery method and recipient
    3. E-invoice
    4. PDF-invoice
    5. Paper invoice
  3. Invoice control

    1. 3 - Send invoice
    2. Add attachments
  4. Maximize your service

    1. Match your customer register
    2. Send full invoice flow
    3. Reminders & Debt collection
  5. Read more

    1. Find your sent invoices
    2. Printer Settings
    3. FAQs about the invoice printer >>

You can send your entire invoice flow through the invoice printer regardless of the delivery method or recipient. You can send e-invoice, PDF invoice and paper. We will help you choose the best possible delivery method for each recipient directly in the invoice printer.


InExchange helps you lower your postage costs

Ikon_26--1.png For example, when sending a paper invoice to a customer who can receive e-invoices, this is shown with an orange icon Orange_varning2.jpg . This is shown in the left column of the current row. Moving the mouse pointer over the icon displays information with suggestions.

When you change settings for a customer, these are saved in your register in InExchange Network

Ikon_16---Utrop.png Here you can read more about our different delivery methods and their settings. 

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