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  1. How can I see which delivery method was used for my invoice?
  2. What address did we send the PDF invoice to?
  3. External status on invoices
  4. Why is the number of sent invoices not correct on the invoice I have received from you with what is shown in InExchange Network?
  5. Can I get statistics on which delivery method we use on our customer invoices?
  6. For how long are my sent invoices saved?
  7. Is there an easy way to sort my Sent invoices?
  8. How do I compile a report on my sent invoices?
  9. Can I print a copy of a sent invoice?
  10. Can I resend an invoice?

For how long are my sent invoices saved?

In our basic agreement, all sent invoices are saved three (3) months on our website. This means that you can only see the history on those invoices you sent up to three months ago. This could, if demanded, be expanded to 18 months. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to activate this service.

Please note that this applies to the invoices you can see on our website (Click here to show).

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