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Where can I upload a custom logo for my company?

Go to page in InExchange Network: Account\Profile

We have added a feature on our website so that you can upload a logo for your company. This logo is displayed when another company searches for you in our network and will not get included in your actual e-invoices. The reason for this is that there is simply no support for logos in an electronic invoice.

The following requirements apply to the image when you are uploading a logo 

• The file format should be .jpg, .gif or .png.
• The size of the image should be 280 x 90 pixels (width x height). If the logo is not in these formats, we will try to adjust the size automatically which may make the picture look a bit strange.

How you go about it:

1. Click on the image with a pen on the right side of your company name as shown below.  


2. Locate the image that you have saved on your computer and click Open. The logo is now connected to your account.

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