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  1. What is a GLN number and how do I use it?
  2. Joint enveloping
  3. Invoices in color
  4. How do I see earlier sent/received invoices?
  5. One of my customers requires e-invoices, what do I do?
  6. Can I print a copy of a sent invoice?
  7. Can I resend an invoice?
  8. What do BIC/SWIFT and IBAN mean?
  9. Which companies can receive e-invoices?
  10. I would like to delete a sent invoice. How do I do that?

Which companies can receive e-invoices? Follow

Go to page in InExchange Network: Start\Extend your network

If you are unsure if a company can receive or send electronic invoices at the present, we have got a daily updated directory on this, below follows a guide on how to search in the directory.

1. Type in the company name you'd like to check in the field Search in the network and click on Search.

2. In this search, we can see that InExchange Factorum AB both receives and sends electronic invoices but does not send or receive orders or price catalogs.

3. To get a detailed explanation on what the symbols under each column mean, see the column to the right on the website or in the picture below.

Connected: You have an active relationship with the company.

Handled by company: The ability to send/receive is there, but you are not using it in the present.

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