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  2. Update the invoice recipient’s network connection in the invoice printer
  3. How do I install InExchange Invoice Printer?
  4. Can I send a PDF invoice through InExchange?
  5. Can I send paper invoices with InExchange?
  6. What does the invoice look like when it is sent as Paper or PDF?
  7. How do I see if cover page is enabled for my paper invoices?
  8. On which operating systems does the invoice printer work?
  9. Do I need to select the delivery method for a new receiver or is e-invoice selected automatically?
  10. The file that is sent to the invoice printer, what format should it be in?

I happened to transfer a document that is not an invoice, what do I do?

If you by mistake print a document to the InExchange Invoice Printer that is not for us, for instance, if you happen to print out an e-mail to us instead of to your regular office printer, you can choose to delete it immediately. As soon as you print a document to the InExchange Invoice Printer you will be presented with the following dialogue, you then just need to select No, remove.

- Yes, transfer now

The invoice printout will leave your local computer and be transferred to InExchange. This only means that the invoice will be moved to InExchange, not to the final customer. If you cancel after you have chosen to transfer the invoice, it will still stay at InExchange until you choose to send or remove it.

- No, later

The printout will be put in queue on your local computer and will not be transferred to InExchange. On every invoice you choose this option they will be put in queue until the next time you print. So, if you choose No, later it will come up the next time you print and select Yes, transfer now.

- No, remove

The printout is removed from your local computer and is never sent to InExchange. Use this option if you notice that the printout is faulty or if you by mistake happen to print something else than an invoice to us.

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