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  1. What is a GLN number and how do I use it?
  2. Joint enveloping
  3. Invoices in color
  4. How do I see earlier sent/received invoices?
  5. One of my customers requires e-invoices, what do I do?
  6. What do BIC/SWIFT and IBAN mean?
  7. Which companies can receive e-invoices?
  8. What does InExchange default template look like at printout or PDF-delivery?

How do I see earlier sent/received invoices? Follow

Go to page in InExchange Network: Sent invoices, Received invoices

Regardless of which service you use with InExchange, you can always see the history of sent and received invoices on our website. Please note that in our basic agreement, you can only see up to three months back in time. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility to extend the storage even further.

1. The latest invoices will now be shown in a list. You have the possibility to show invoices from a certain period of time and search for a specific invoice number. See picture below.


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