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How do I cancel my contract? Follow

InExchange Web Base

If you only have our free web service (InExchange Web Base) you do not need to cancel your account. If you do not have any use for the account anymore, you can just let it be. If the company has gone into bankruptcy or liquidation you can contact us and we will remove it for you.

InExchange Web Plus

Your contract with InExchange Factorum AB is invoiced in a 12-month period, if you do not cancel your agreement your contract will be renewed automatically. If you wish to cancel your contract you must contact us by phone or e-mail 60 days before the renewal date at the latest.

Please note that if you send your cancelation by e-mail, make sure that you receive a response from us in which we confirm that the agreement is terminated. If you have not heard anything within one (1) working day, we recommend you to call us.

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