Log in to access Support as well as help suited to your account


  1. Create a support case
  2. My user credentials are not working, can you send new ones?
  3. Contact InExchange Factorum AB
  4. New telephone hours for support
  5. How to add a new recipient to the network
  6. How to update an ongoing support case
  7. How to correct an undelivered invoice
  8. View your case history
  9. Who do I turn to for help with my case?
  10. Enter bank account in InExchange Network

How do I sign out of InExchange Network? Follow

At the top right corner of your browser, there is a button that says Log out. Click the button to be signed out.

If you are inactive on the page for more than 30 minutes you are automatically signed out. Please note that you will be automatically logged out if your account is trying to access from another location. 

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