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We would like to add a new customer/recipient to our Registry, how do we do that? Follow

Path in InExchange network: Registry\Customers

Click on Create new customer

After clicking this you will enter the edit mode where you can add the customers information. It's essential that the customer number here matches the one you have registred in your ERP system. 

The information you need to put in is the following: 

Customer information

  • Customer number
  • Company name
  • Organisation number

Invoice settings

This is where you can chose if the invoices should be sent as paper, PDF or e-invoice.


  1. Chose E-invoice as the means of delivery.
  2. Control if there is any connections InExchange Network for the company that you're going to bill. You can use the company name, organisation number(without any dashes) or the GLN number to search for this.

PDF-invoice through e-mail

  1. Chose PDF as the means of delivery.
  2. Add the e-mail address that you want to send the invoice to.


  1. Chose paper as the means of delivery.

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