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  1. Print preview
  2. Update the invoice recipient’s network connection in the invoice printer
  3. How do I install InExchange Invoice Printer?
  4. Can I send a PDF invoice through InExchange?
  5. Can I send paper invoices with InExchange?
  6. What does the invoice look like when it is sent as Paper or PDF?
  7. How do I see if cover page is enabled for my paper invoices?
  8. On which operating systems does the invoice printer work?
  9. Do I need to select the delivery method for a new receiver or is e-invoice selected automatically?
  10. The file that is sent to the invoice printer, what format should it be in?

How do I see previously sent/received invoices?

Go to page in InExchange Network: Sent invoices, Received invoices

No matter what service you use with us you can always see the history of sent and received invoices on our website. The invoices are stored for 18 months.

1. The latest invoices are now displayed in a list. You also have the opportunity to show invoices from a particular time period and to search for a specific invoice number. See the picture below.

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