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  1. Adjustment of postage prices from 1 March 2023
  2. InExchange Dashboard
  3. InExchange E-commerce
  4. InExchange Spend Analysis
  5. Send all your invoices through InExchange
  6. Reminders & Debt collection

Reminders & Debt collection

InExchange Reminders & Debt collection is a convenient tool to get paid faster for your invoices. You can choose an automatic management of the different processes or to manage one or more of them manually.


The service is offered in collaboration with Visma Financial Solutions who also manages the contact with your customer. If you do not have access to the service or have questions, please contact us at +46 (0) 500-44 63 60 and we will help you.

To access our Reminders & Debt collection service it requires that you use a paid service of InExchange.

The service is currently only available in Sweden. 

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