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Does the recipient have any special requirements for sending e-invoices to them?

Path to InExchange Network: Start\Connect company

You can through InExchange Network control if there are any special requirement that needs to be fulfilled when sending e-invoices to a new receiver. 

Here's how you control this:

1. Search for the company by using the company name, their organisationsnumber or their GLN number.(Contact InExchange if you can't find the receiver.)  


1. Approval/Send request

Sometimes when sending e-invoices to a new receiver you might have to be approved as a invoice supplier first. In those cases you will have to send a request to the receiver before the first e-invoice. 

When looking up the receiver in InExchange Network you will be able to see if they require suppliers to be approved before sending any e-invoices. This is shown in the receiver notes (See the first marked field in the picture below). Click on I want to send to send a request to the recipient in question. (Note that you only have to send a request if Supplier must be approved  is marked).

Here you can read more about connecting to new companies. 

2. Reference control

If the reciever has activated an control for when suppliers send e-invoices to them the text Has controls will have a marking in the box next to it. You will have to contact the recipient directly to get information about what references or other information that they require on e-invoices that are sent to them.

Observe that if the recipient has a reference control on their incoming invoices you will not be able to send e-invoices without a valid reference. This will be controlled by InExchange when it's sent through our network(If the receiver uses a different invoice operator the reference will be controlled by the receiving operator. You will then be contacted through e-mail if any error occurs). 

You cannot send e-invoices to another receiving operator if you are using our InExchange Web Base service. To do this you will need to upgrade your service to either InExchange Web Plus or another of our automated services. Contact InExchange for more information.

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