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  1. Extend your network by sending a request
  2. Does the recipient have any special requirements for sending e-invoices to them?
  3. How do I change my connection to an existing customer in InExchange Network?
  4. One of my customers requires e-invoices, what do I do?
  5. InExchange Postage Optimization
  6. How do I change the delivery method via InExchange Postage Optimization?
  7. Which companies can receive e-invoices?

Extend your network by sending a request Follow

Go to page in InExchange Network: Start\Extend your network

Here is how:

1. Find the company you are searching for by writing their company registration number or their company name in the search box and click Search. Then click on the company name in the list presented below the search box.


2. Now send a request by clicking on either I want to receive or I want to send.


After you have submitted a request and the recipient has approved the relationship, you have a connection – you will now see the symbol for Connected in the table. 



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