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  2. Update the invoice recipient’s network connection in the invoice printer
  3. How do I install InExchange Invoice Printer?
  4. Can I send a PDF invoice through InExchange?
  5. Can I send paper invoices with InExchange?
  6. What does the invoice look like when it is sent as Paper or PDF?
  7. How do I see if cover page is enabled for my paper invoices?
  8. On which operating systems does the invoice printer work?
  9. Do I need to select the delivery method for a new receiver or is e-invoice selected automatically?
  10. The file that is sent to the invoice printer, what format should it be in?

What does the different colored marks mean in the invoice printer?

When you send invoices via InExchange Invoice Printer, you will see marks and possibly certain types of alerts in different colors in the invoice printer. They will help you choose the best shipping method for each recipient and correct any errors - they will give you information that will faciliate your work when sending your invoices.

Point your mouse pointer on the icon in the invoice printer to read the message of the information box.

 Green mark:
Your chosen settings work and you have selected the best possible method of delivery for the current recipient. You can go to the next step in the invoicing with the existing settings.

 Orange mark
You can send the invoice with these settings and move to the next step in the invoicing process, but the system will give you suggestions for a better alternative in the choice of delivery method.

 Red mark:
You cannot send the invoice without correcting the settings for your current recipient. This mark is shown, inter alia, if you have selected to send invoices as e-invoices to a recipient who does not receive e-invoices. Select to send the invoice as a PDF-invoice by e-mail (requires that an e-mail address is filled out in the box below the invoice list) or paper invoice instead. You can also choose to wait to send the invoice or to remove it. Use the buttons or right-click on the invoice in order to perform these actions.

 Blue mark:
If you send an invoice through InExchange Invoice Printer, sometimes a small information box will appear saying Connected via interconnection. This means that the recipient uses a different e-invoice operator than InExchange, but one that we have a collaboration with. In these cases, we cannot verify whether any reference codes are correct directly in our application. If an invoice has an incorrect reference code you will receive an e-mail about this after the dispatch is complete.

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