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  1. FAQ - Agreements and user licenses
  2. My user credentials are not working, can you send new ones?
  3. How to correct an undelivered invoice
  4. Enter bank account in InExchange Network
  5. Where can I upload a custom logo for my company?
  6. How to add a new recipient to the network
  7. Can you import my customer registry?
  8. How do I change our contact information?
  9. How do I change my user information?
  10. How do I register additional companies?

How do I change our contact information?

Go to page in InExchange Network: Account\Profile

To change contact information you need to be logged into InExchange Network.
Therafter, go to the Account page. See picture below.

There are also several different roles for the e-mails InExchange sends. What roles that are available vary depending on the choice of service. If no specific roles are set, all e-mail will be sent from InExchange to the e-mail address listed under General.


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