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  1. Print preview
  2. Update the invoice recipient’s network connection in the invoice printer
  3. How do I install InExchange Invoice Printer?
  4. Can I send a PDF invoice through InExchange?
  5. Can I send paper invoices with InExchange?
  6. What does the invoice look like when it is sent as Paper or PDF?
  7. How do I see if cover page is enabled for my paper invoices?
  8. On which operating systems does the invoice printer work?
  9. Do I need to select the delivery method for a new receiver or is e-invoice selected automatically?
  10. The file that is sent to the invoice printer, what format should it be in?

Can I get a paper copy automatically?

If you want hard copies automatically when printing invoices to InExchange Invoice Printer, you can set this via the shortcut Printer settings.
It can be found here: Start > All Programs > InExchange > Settings > Printer settings.

There, you select the number of copies you want and which printer to use.
See the picture below.

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