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  1. FAQ - Agreements and user licenses
  2. My user credentials are not working, can you send new ones?
  3. How to correct an undelivered invoice
  4. Enter bank account in InExchange Network
  5. Where can I upload a custom logo for my company?
  6. How to add a new recipient to the network
  7. Can you import my customer registry?
  8. How do I change our contact information?
  9. How do I change my user information?
  10. How do I register additional companies?

Enter bank account in InExchange Network

Go to page in InExchange Network: Account\Profile

When adding a bank account in InExchange Network, you can specify this in two ways, either by the full name of the bank, or the bank's Swift/BIC code.

Payment details can be found under Account and Profile when you are logged in.

Like this:

Or like this:

If you have not entered a bank account earlier, the fields might not be displayed. You can add this by selecting Add bank account as shown below.

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