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  1. Extend your network by sending a request
  2. Does the recipient have any special requirements for sending e-invoices to them?
  3. Can I see all of my connections in the network?
  4. How do I change my connection to an existing customer in InExchange Network?
  5. One of my customers requires e-invoices, what do I do?
  6. InExchange Postage Optimization
  7. How do I change the delivery method via InExchange Postage Optimization?
  8. Which companies can receive e-invoices?

Can I see all of my connections in the network?

Go to page in InExchange Network: Start\Connections

Yes, can you see all of your connections under Start > Connections via your login on InExchange Network.

In the table that appears, you see the connections you already have in the network and the status of each relation.

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