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  1. Actions
  2. Add / Edit VAT rate
  3. Add attachment
  4. Add row
  5. Amount (on the invoice row)
  6. Amount excl. VAT (on invoice row)
  7. Article (on the invoice row)
  8. Change order of invoice rows
  9. Customer
  10. Description (on the invoice row)

Your reference number Follow

Go to page in InExchange Network: Invoices\Create invoice

Synonyms: Reference code, Order reference, Order-ID

Identifies the unique customer reference of a specific person, department, etc. The information can be mandatory due to automatic reference control.

The reference number normally consists of numbers and / or letters.

Anna Andersson

When automatic reference control is activated, this information is mandatory and must be completed correctly. Contact your customer for more information or if you have problems with the validation of credentials. 

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