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  1. Introduction to InExchange Web
  2. Create account
  3. Find your way around
  4. Create invoice
  5. Choose a customer
  6. Invoice header
  7. Invoice rows
  8. Additional charges and discounts
  9. References
  10. Invoice notes and attachments

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  1. Get started

    1. Introduction
    2. Create account
    3. Find your way around
  2. Send your invoices

    1. Create invoice
    2. Choose a customer
    3. Invoice header
    4. Invoice rows
    5. Additional charges and discounts
    6. Invoice notes and attachments
    7. Preview and save invoice
    8. Send invoice
  3. Read more

    1. When the invoice has been sent
    2. Reminders & Debt collection - New service
    3. FAQs about InExchange Web >>
    4. Connect a customer to a recipient in the network

Go to page in InExchange Network: Invoices\Create invoice

When you have clicked on Continue for an invoice, you will see a list of invoices that have not been sent. If you want to see more information in this view, you can add columns by clicking on Select columns.


If you need to edit any of the invoices, click on the pen or on the document number on the row that includes the invoice. If you want to remove an invoice, click on the red x to the right that illuminates when you hold your mouse over that invoice row.

Then select Send on the invoices that you want to send and Wait on the invoices that you want to wait to send in the actions column.

Click on Process invoices when the invoices are ready to be sent. The invoices are sent and the screen will display a list of sent invoices as well as delivery status.

If this is the first time you are sending an invoice, the system will ask you to fill out certain company information in your account that needs to be included on the invoice. You can also add this information before you send your first invoice by clicking on "Account" > "Profile".

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