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  1. Introduction to InExchange Web
  2. Create account
  3. Find your way around
  4. Create invoice
  5. Choose a customer
  6. Invoice header
  7. Invoice rows
  8. Additional charges and discounts
  9. References
  10. Invoice notes and attachments

Invoice notes and attachments Follow

  1. Get started

    1. Introduction
    2. Create account
    3. Find your way around
  2. Send your invoices

    1. Create invoice
    2. Choose a customer
    3. Invoice header
    4. Invoice rows
    5. Additional charges and discounts
    6. Invoice notes and attachments
    7. Preview and save invoice
    8. Send invoice
  3. Read more

    1. When the invoice has been sent
    2. FAQs about InExchange Web >>
    3. Connect a customer to a recipient in the network

Go to page in InExchange Network: Invoices\Create invoice

Invoice notes

In order to add additional information, regarding the purchase or other information, use the field Invoice comment at the bottom of the page.


In order to add attachments to the invoice, click on Upload a file to the right of the invoice note field and search for the file which you wish to attach. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the files in the field to the right of the button. To remove an attachment, click on Remove to the right of the file name.

You can attach picture files as well as PDF/text documents up to 2MB per attachment. 

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