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  1. Actions
  2. Add / Edit VAT rate
  3. Add attachment
  4. Add row
  5. Amount (on the invoice row)
  6. Amount excl. VAT (on invoice row)
  7. Article (on the invoice row)
  8. Change order of invoice rows
  9. Customer
  10. Description (on the invoice row)

Add attachment Follow

Go to page in InExchange Network: Invoices\Create invoice

To add an attachment, click on Upload a file.
Search for the attachment on your computer and mark it on the list in the new window that appears.
Click on Open. The file is now connected to your invoice.

To think about:

  • The file must be under 2 MB.
  • It must be in the file format .PDF or any picture format.
  • Unlimited numbers of attachments can be added. However, every file must be under 2 MB.
  • For invoices that are delivered to e-mail addresses the total limit is 10 MB.
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