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  1. Forms for Government departments and agencies that use Proceedo
  2. Our supplier specifies in its invoices information in the X-field, can you move this to the Y-field so it ends up right in our system?
  3. To receive e-invoices (file)

Forms for Government departments and agencies that use Proceedo Follow

If you have a supplier that is a state company, agency or authority that wants to send e-invoices to you, they usually want you to fill in a form with different information before they can start sending e-invoices.

Usually it is information that you as a recipient via InExchange has not been asked for before. Therefore, we produced this guide so that you can fill out these forms correctly for them.

Parts identity *
This means how they will address you in their system.

The suppliers can address you with a registration number or GLN. **

Registration number (A)

First set SE (country code for Sweden, for the others  see link), then your registration number, without the hyphen!
If they need a so-called IdType, then it is "country code: organizationid"

(Ex. SE5555556666)

GLN Nummer (B)

Here you specify your GLN and then a so-called Type that is "http: /www.iso.int/schemas/eanucc/gln"

If you are unsure of your information, you can easily access them in InExchange Network, https://web.inexchange.se/inexchange/Profile/Company (requires login)

Receiving Address ***

It is the address that their service wants so they can send documents to us.
The address to be used is:

  • https://ws.inexchange.se/connector/ebxml.svc/upload/prod

Communication protocols

If they ask for this then the answer is EBMS or Transport profile.


Should be svefaktura (without SBDH).
If asked for version of svefaktura, you as a recipient at InExchange can manage all versions. However, do select v 1.0 as it is the version most people get started with the easiest.

left blank

left blank

left blank


* Parts identity, can also be called Receiver ID, BuyerParty, PartyID, E-invoice address, EDI address, GLN and EAN.

** If you as a company consist of only one unit, we recommend that you specify the "country code: organizationid"

*** Receiving Address also has many names, such as URL, web service address, transport profile address, EBMS-address.

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