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  2. Add / Edit VAT rate
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  4. Add row
  5. Amount (on the invoice row)
  6. Amount excl. VAT (on invoice row)
  7. Article (on the invoice row)
  8. Change order of invoice rows
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  10. Description (on the invoice row)

Add / Edit VAT rate Follow

Go to page in InExchange Network: Invoices\Create invoice

As by default, the VAT rate is 25% in your account. You can add additional VAT rates and also have different VAT rates on the invoice lines if needed.

Ikon_16---A.png Change VAT rate
If you only have 25% VAT in your account, follow the instructions in section B to add a new VAT rate. When you´ve added more, you can change VAT rates as shown below.

1. Click on the arrow next to the VAT rate on the invoice line.


2. Select the VAT rate that will apply to the invoice line.


Ikon_16---B.png Add a new VAT rate

1. Click on the arrow next to the VAT rate on the invoice line as shown below.


2. Select Add new/Edit.


3. Click on Add new in the new window that is displayed.


4. A new line is displayed where you can enter your own VAT rate. Enter a name (e.g. 0%) for the VAT rate and the percentage that will apply.


5. If you want the new VAT rate to be used by default on all new invoice lines, select Default as shown above and then Save your settings.

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