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How to update an ongoing support case Follow

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    2. Who do I turn to for help?
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    1. How to create a support case
    2. View your case history
    3. How to update an ongoing support case
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    5. How to add a new recipient to the network

As of October 2018 you will need a valid user license to create a support case. If you have questions regarding this, please contact our Customer Service +46 500 44 63 60 (tone 3).

Instructions to retrieve case history:

1. Sign in to InExchange Help Center.


 2. Click on My activities in the menu to see ongoing and solved cases.


My requests - cases you've created.
Requests I'm CC'd on - cases others have created but you've been copied on.


Cases can be sorted on status and you can search for requests in the search field.

3. Click on the case that should be updated.

4. Update the case with more information in the text field or upload files if needed. You can mark the case as solved if you no longer need help with it.


5. Click on Submit when you're done.

Solved cases are closed for comments but if you need to contact the support on the case after it has been marked as solved, you can create a follow-up via the link in the closed case. 

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