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How to add/update a recipient to the network Follow

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If your invoice recipient can receive e-invoices but is not listed in the InExchange network or has changed operators, the recipient needs to be added/updated with the correct information for e-invoices to be sent through our services. You can search for the recipient on the Extend my network. If you don't find a match, the recipient will be added as described below. It may also happen that your invoice recipient has provided information about changing operators. Note that you need at least our InExchange Basic service to send to recipients behind other operators.

Instructions on how to add/update a recipient:

1. Sign in to InExchange Help Center.


2. Click on Submit a request in the menu.


3. Select Extend my network - Register a new recipient in the list and fill in the information of your invoice recipient in the form. Company name, company registration number, operator and email address of the recipient is mandatory information and is obtained from the invoice recipient. 


When the recipient has been added to the network you'll receive a confirmation on the registration via email. In the meanwhile, you'll be able to send a pdf or paper invoice to the customer, if the customer doesn't require e-invoice.

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