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  1. Installing the invoice printer
  2. I'm having trouble with PDF printing to InExchange Invoice Printer
  3. Introduction
  4. Order service
  5. Transfer invoice examples
  6. Common Invoice examples
  7. What is an invoice template?
  8. Review and approve example invoices
  9. Can I install InExchange Invoice Printer on a server?
  10. Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer

I'm having trouble with PDF printing to InExchange Invoice Printer Follow

Using an ERP system that makes PDF printouts can mean that you need to make adjustments on the computers that use InExchange Invoice Printer. This is because the invoices go through additional software, usually a pdf-reader, before the printing goes to InExchange Invoice Printer.

Depending on the software, we don’t always get readability in the invoices that are transferred to InExchange Invoice Printer. Below is a suggestion for actions that can be done on the computers and which normally makes the printouts readable.

NOTE! The actions listed below require the user to be an administrator in Windows!

    • Install Foxit Reader pdf reader (free version)

Below is more information about the steps required for the solutions.

Disable Google Chrome's built-in PDF reader

The built-in PDF reader in Chrome always makes the printouts to InExchange Invoice Printer lack readability. The built-in PDF reader therefore needs to be disabled if you use Chrome together with your ERP system. Follow the steps below to do this.

Paste chrome://settings/content/pdfDocuments into the address bar of Chrome and go to the page.

Activate the choice to download pdf files instead of opening them in Chrome.

Download Foxit Reader

The free version of Foxit Reader is available for download here https://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/

Press the 'Free Software' tab and then select 'Free Download' by Foxit Reader.


After installation, you just need to open your PDF with Foxit Reader and print to InExchange Invoice Printer as usual.

NOTE! Have at least version, if you have Foxit then try to make sure you always have the latest version!


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