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  1. Sending customer invoices

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    2. FAQs about invoices
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    1. Agreements and user licenses
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Here we have gathered information about agreements and user licenses.

How can I add, change or delete a user?

User management is handled via our contact form in our help center. The order has to be made by an authorized user on the company. 

If a new user account has been created, the user credentials will be sent to the new user by e-mail. 

InExchange Free includes one (1) user license. You need to upgrade your service to Basic in order to be able to add users. 

How do I cancel my contract?

InExchange Free

If you have our free web service you do not need to cancel your account. If you do not have any use for the account anymore,  you can just let it be. If the company has gone into bankruptcy or liquidation you can contact us at kundservice@inexchange.se and we will remove it for you.

Our other services

Your contract with InExchange is invoiced monthly. With 3 months' binding period

Please note that if you send your cancelation by e-mail, make sure that you receive a response from us in which we confirm that the agreement is terminated. If you have not heard anything within two (2) working days, we recommend you to call us.

How do I update the company information?

Go to page Account > Profile to change your company details shown in the network.  

How do I upgrade my service?

You can upgrade your service on the Upgrade-page in InExchange Network or by contacting us.

If you are interested in getting an integrated service, please contact us.

Why do I get a notification saying that my registration number already exists?

InExchange collaborates with several suppliers in the market. Some of these have their systems connected to InExchange to automatically send invoices directly in the system.

What then happens is that we get information from the system supplier that you are using a system that has such an option, these solutions can unfortunately not be combined but you must choose which solution you want to use.

Our recommendation is that you contact the system supplier and discuss the service you already have to send e-invoices. If you continue with this service you save to do double the work with first registrating the invoices in your system and then register invoices in our portal.

If you still want to use the services directly via InExchange please contact our support and we will help you with this.

Can´t find the answer to your question?
If you´re wondering about something and can´t find the answer to your question here in our help center, you´re welcome to contact us at kundservice@inexchange.se or at +46 (0)500 - 44 63 60.  

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