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FAQs about our services Follow

  1. Sending customer invoices

    1. FAQs about our services
    2. FAQs about invoices
    3. - Invoice to a new e-invoice recipient
    4. - Sent invoices
    5. E-invoice formats
    6. InExchange Postage Optimization
  2. Receiving supplier invoices

    1. Receive invoice
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    3. - E-invoice by file (integrated service)
  3. User accounts and settings

    1. Agreements and licenses
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You can send all of your invoices via us, be they e-invoices, PDFs or paper invoices. You can choose between our web-based services, which you can get started with straight away, our invoice printer, which sends invoices created in your ERP system, or an integrated service, where the invoice files are transferred to us and then delivered to the recipients via our invoice exchange.

Please contact us if you would like to get started with an integrated service.
You can also read more about our services on our website >>

FAQs about getting started:

1. How do I connect to your free Web Base account?

Create an account and then follow the instructions in our user guide for InExchange Web.

2. How do I upgrade my service?

You can upgrade your service on the Upgrade page via your login to InExchange Network. You are also welcome to contact us to upgrade or for assistance in choosing a suitable service.

Quotes are given for integrated services. Please contact us if you’re interested in an integrated service.

3. How do I get started with InExchange Invoice Printer?

Read more about Invoice Printer and our other services on our website www.inexchange.com. You can also order services here.

In our Invoice Printer – Installation guide, you’ll find further information on getting started.

4. Will your services work with my ERP system?

InExchange Web Base/Web Plus is not linked to your ERP system so it works as an independent solution for your customer invoicing. InExchange Invoice Printer connects easily to your ERP system and works with the vast majority of Windows-based systems. InExchange also works closely with most known systems suppliers on the market.

Read more on our Partners page >>

5. My registration number is already being used

Quotes are given for integrated services.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our sales department on +46 (0)500 – 44 63 60 (press 1) or via the chat function on our website www.inexchange.com

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