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If you want to have e-invoices emailed to you as PDFs (ePDF), you can simply activate this service via your login on our website. Your suppliers will then be able to send you e-invoices. The invoices are sent to you by email, but you can also access them on the Received invoices page for 18 months from the date they were sent.

Activate service

Enter the email address you want to use for receiving invoices and click Activate.


FAQs and answers:

1. Where can I enter or change the email address for incoming invoices?

Settings for incoming invoices can be updated under Account > Settings > Incoming invoices.


If you would like invoices to be sent to multiple email addresses at the same time, separate the addresses with a comma (without a space) using a maximum of 100 characters.

You can also change settings here for how you want the received invoices to be displayed, attached as a PDF in the email or via a link to the invoice on the Received invoices page.

2. Can I update the settings for the recipient service?

After becoming an e-invoice recipient in our network, you can update the settings for where and how the invoices are sent and if you want to receive notifications from the service. Settings can be updated under Account > Settings > Incoming invoices.

3. Why are we receiving PDF invoices even though the issuer has sent e-invoices?

You can use our recipient service, which can be activated via our website, to receive e-invoices in the form of PDF invoices (ePDFs). The sender can send you e-invoices, but they’re converted to PDFs on delivery to you.

To receive e-invoices you must have an ERP system with the functionality to do this. Please contact your system supplier if you have any questions about the functionality of your ERP system. You are also welcome to contact us if you’d like to know more about this type of integrated solution and to order a connecting system so that you can receive invoices directly in your ERP. 

4. Why are PDF invoices being sent to a different email address than the one we provided?

The address provided in the settings is used for e-invoices suppliers send to you.

Any email address can be provided for PDF invoices. If necessary you can check with the sender how the invoice is sent (which delivery method) and check whether they have the correct email address on your customer card or specifically for the invoice in question. If not, you can ask them to update their information.

Feel free to contact us if you need help reviewing your settings.

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