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FAQs about InExchange Invoice Printer

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    1. InExchange Invoice Printer
  2. Choose how to send your invoices

    1. 1 - Transfer your invoices
    2. 2 - Choose delivery method and recipient
    3. E-invoice
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    5. Paper invoice
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    3. FAQs about the invoice printer >>

Get started with the help of our guides:

About InExchange Invoice Printer

1. How do I install the invoice printer?

See our installation guide for instructions.

2. Can I only send e-invoices through InExchange?

You can send e-invoices, PDF and paper invoices through the invoice printer.

3. On which operating systems does the invoice printer work?

InExchange Invoice Printer can be used on all Windows operating systems after version 98.

In addition, the invoice printer works when using for instance a MAC computer (Apple, Macintosh), that has the ability to switch from MacOS to run the ERP in a Windows environment.

What is required is that you are able to print a Windows print file directly from your ERP to the invoice printer. We then check if we are able to obtain all necessary information from your invoice printouts and get back to you usually within one working day with a notice if we can create loading templates based on submitted files.

4. The file that is sent to the invoice printer, what format should it be in?

What we need from you is a normal Windows printout file from your ERP. Format requirements and invoice content is later checked by us before the file is delivered.

For us to be able to manage the file, the invoice needs to be printed directly from the ERP to the invoice printer. If the file is first saved and then sent to us, the information will not get to us in the way that makes it possible for us to change your invoice to an electronic invoice.

Please note that PDF files sometimes cannot be used when loading invoice files because the text information in the file often gets converted to be displayed as graphics.

We support nearly 400 different ERP systems, so the chance that you will get started with electronic invoicing in a quick and flexible way is very big. Please contact our support and we will tell you more!

The information that is sent via InExchange Invoice Printer shows how the invoice looks like at printout (picture of the format tif) and what text it contains and its placement (structured text of the format gdixml). We will use this later to create loading templates which converts your invoice printout to an e-invoice. 

5. What does the the different colored marks mean in the invoice printer?

When you send invoices via the invoice printer, you will see marks and possibly certain types of alerts in different colors. They will help you choose the best delivery method for each recipient and correct any errors - they will give you information that will faciliate your work when sending your invoices.

Point your mouse pointer on the icon in the invoice printer to read the message:

VP_Green.png Green mark:
Your chosen settings work and you have selected the best possible method of delivery for the current recipient. You can go to the next step in the invoicing with the existing settings.

VP_Orange_2.png Orange mark
You can send the invoice with these settings and move to the next step in the invoicing process, but the system will give you suggestions for a better alternative in the choice of delivery method.

VP_Red.png Red mark:
You cannot send the invoice without correcting the settings for your current recipient. This mark is shown, inter alia, if you have selected to send invoices as e-invoices to a recipient who does not receive e-invoices. Select to send the invoice as a PDF-invoice by e-mail (requires that an e-mail address is filled out in the box below the invoice list) or paper invoice instead. You can also choose to wait to send the invoice or to remove it. Use the buttons or right-click on the invoice in order to perform these actions.


VP_Blue.png Blue mark:
Sometimes a small information box will appear saying Connected via interconnection. This means that the recipient uses a different e-invoice operator than InExchange, but one that we have a collaboration with. In these cases, we cannot verify whether any reference codes are correct directly in our application. If an invoice has an incorrect reference code you will receive an e-mail about this after the dispatch is complete.

6. How do I see which version I have of InExchange Invoice Printer?

To check which version of InExchange Invoice Printer is installed, launch the program and click on About.



FAQs about: Agreements and user licenses and account settings.

Handling and delivery of invoices

1. How do I select delivery method on the invoice printer?

After you have transferred your invoices, you can choose delivery method per customer number in the step Select how to send your invoices. The last chosen delivery method is saved in the settings for the customer in your customer registry. You can choose between e-invoice, PDF-invoice via e-mail and paper invoice.

Click on the arrow to the right of the field Send as on the line that you wish to edit delivery method on and select from the list that is shown, see picture below.


  • E-invoice
    Select e-invoice as delivery method and check that the company information is correct. If the recipient accepts e-invoices, the line is marked with a green mark on the left.
  • PDF-invoice via e-mail
    When you select to send an invoice as PDF-invoice you also need to fill in an e-mail address for the recipient in the intended field below the list with invoices. Make sure that correct line is marked and fill out a correct address. The address is saved in the settings for the current recipient in your customer register.
  • Paper invoice
    The service to send paper invoices to companies and private customers via InExchange invoice printer is included in your agreement. If you are unsure on what prices you have, we ask you to contact us via e-mail or phone. When you select Paper as delivery method, the invoice printer will suggest an even better alternative when this is possible. To read more about it, point the arrow on the red triangle to the left.

2. How do I add an attachment?

You can read about how to add an attachment to your invoice in our user guide.

3. Update the invoice recipients network connection in the invoice printer

If you need to reconnect an e-invoice recipient to the network (for example, during reorganization at the recipient), you can do so in the step Select how your invoices should be sent in InExchange Invoice Printer.

To change the connection to the network, you can choose to search for the company name, GLN or registration number. Then select the right recipient in the hit list to connect your customer to the correct recipient in the network. A green check Faktura_ok.jpg in the left column shows that an active e-invoice recipient has been linked to your customer in your customer registry at InExchange


You can also change the link on an e-invoice recipient in your customer registry in the InExchange Network. Read more here.

If you do not find the current recipient, please contact InExchange support. 

Ikon_16---Utrop.png Please read more about InExchange Invoice Printer in our Get started guide.

4. Is e-invoice automatically selected as the delivery method for a new customer?

The first time you send to a new customer number through InExchange the delivery method Paper will be filled.

If the name of the recipient (in the invoice address of your original invoice) exactly matches the name of an e-invoice recipient in InExchange Network, we will suggest the method of delivery "e-invoice" instead - the suggestion is shown via an orange mark VP_Orange_2.png to the left of the customer number (point on the icon to read the message). The delivery method Paper is still there until you change it manually to E-invoice. The mark will then become green.

The method of delivery will then be saved in your customer registry at InExchange and you do not need to select delivery method at next invoicing time.

Would you choose delivery method E-invoice but there is a red exclamation mark to the left, then we could not connect the recipient by its name. In these cases, you need to manually search for the name of the company or registration number to the right of the delivery method.

If the recipient cannot receive e-invoices yet and you do not want to send the invoice on paper, you can choose to send it as a PDF invoice by e-mail. Select the delivery method PDF and enter a valid e-mail address of the recipient in the invoice printer. The settings are stored in your customer registry for future invoice mailing.


If you have the possibility to export your customer registry then we could connect those customer numbers to which it can be sent electronically to. This would simplify your work by not having to select the delivery method manually on your existing customers. Use this form to export your registry.

5. Can I send the same PDF invoice to multiple addresses?

You can send to multiple recipients, separate the e-mail addresses with a comma.
Example: "fictional@address1.se,fictional@address2.se"

6. I have sent an invoice. When will it be delivered?

Paper invoice

Paper invoices are delivered according to your contract and depending on when you transferred the invoice to us.

A-mail: 1-2 work days 
B-mail: 3-5 work days

E-invoice (including PDF-invoices)

E-invoices and PDF-invoices are often delivered within seconds to the recipients, but otherwise the same day or at the latest, the day after. 

The first e-invoice to a recipient

When you send an e-invoice to a new recipient, who you have not invoiced before, we will send a request to approve you as a supplier. That is why the first delivery will take about 1-3 days. When a recipient has accepted your company, your invoices will normally be delivered within a work day.

If your request doesn´t get approved, we will notify you. You can then contact the recipient for further information. It is possible for you to then send a new request or choose to send your invoice as a PDF-invoice or on paper.

7. I happened to transfer a document that is not an invoice, what do I do?

If you by mistake print a document to the invoice printer that is not for us, you can choose to delete it immediately. As soon as you print a document to the InExchange Invoice Printer you will be presented with the following dialogue, you then just need to select No, remove.


- Yes, transfer now

The invoice printout will leave your local computer and be transferred to us. This only means that the invoice will be moved to us, not to the final customer. If you cancel after you have chosen to transfer the invoice, it will still stay at InExchange until you choose to send or remove it.

- No, later

The printout will be put in queue on your local computer and will not be transferred to us. On every invoice you choose this option they will be put in queue until the next time you print. So, if you choose No, later it will come up the next time you print and select Yes, transfer now.

- No, remove

The printout is removed from your local computer and is never sent to us. Use this option if you notice that the printout is faulty or if you by mistake happen to print something else than an invoice to us.

8. How do I see previously sent invoices?

Go to the page Sent invoices to view and handle your sent invoices. They are stored here for 18 months.

9. Can I block customers from receiving invoices from us through the invoice printer?

You can block customers from receiving invoices through the invoice printer if you for example don't want to invoice a specific customer through us. 

To do this you'll have to print an invoice to the invoice printer that's made payable to customer in question. After logging in and coming to the stage Select how to send you invoices, mark the customer with your mouse pointer and right-click. Choose the alternative Block customer.


The customer will then be marked red and the error message The customer is blocked will be shown when you drag your mouse-pointer over the red marking to the left of the customer. 


To remove this block you simply need to right-click on your customer again and choose Block customer again to unmark this.  



References and invoice printing

1. Print preview

In this view, you will see the invoice template used for the paper invoices you send via us.


Note that you do not see all of the tabs on your screen, but only those that are relevant to you.

Below are explanations for the different options.

Ikon_16---A.png You are using Printed invoice
Here is what your original invoice looks like. We use your invoice template when sending paper invoices. Click and drag to view different parts of the invoice. Note that we only show the first page of a multi-page invoice in this view.

Ikon_16---B.png You are using Invoice template
This view shows your invoice in the InExchange default template. It is used when printing your invoices when the address information on your own invoice template does not fit in the window envelope or if there is missing any other business information.

Ikon_16---C.png You are using Cover page
Cover sheets are used when sending paper invoices. For example, the reason may be that there is no return address on your invoices. Here you can see what the printout looks like.

Compare printed & template
If InExchange invoice template is used, you can compare the printout of the original invoice to the template that is used.

Here you will find information about the print vendor to which the invoices are sent, as well as settings for how and when your paper invoices are sent.


Show Datamatrix overlay
Show areas on the invoice where tracking information is placed. These fields may not contain any invoice information, they will be overwritten upon printing.

Ikon_16---Utrop.png For you who use InExchange Invoice Printer:
Once you have approved your sample invoices, you can see how your paper invoices look. Click View, in the Invoice check step on the invoice printer, to open the current invoice in your browser. Then tap Print Preview to access the view above.

2. What does the invoice look like when it is sent on paper or PDF?

To see what the invoice looks like at delivery via paper or PDF do the following:

1. Print to InExchange Invoice Printer as usual.
2. At the Send-step, you click on View and then on Print preview.



Now you can view what your original invoice or InExchange standard invoice looks like when printing and enveloping, and your delivery settings. The highlighted fields illustrate from left to right:

1. The space meant for our print partners bar-code. Print no information in this space.
2. The green field on the left side is where the return address is presented in the envelope window.
3. The green field on the right side is where the invoice address is presented in the envelope window.

The darker, shaded space is always viewable through the envelope window.


3. How do I see if cover page is enabled for my paper invoices?

If you have a cover page enabled, this appears in the print preview which can be accessed by selecting View on an invoice in the invoice printer.


Click on Print preview.


Here you can see if cover page is enabled or not.

Click on You are using Cover page to see how the cover page looks like compared with the original invoice.


4. Can I get a paper copy automatically?

If you want hard copies automatically when printing invoices to the Invoice Printer, you can set this via the shortcut Printer settings.
It can be found here: Start > All Programs > InExchange > Settings > Printer settings.

There, you select the number of copies you want and which printer to use.


Troubleshooting the invoice printer >>

If you can´t find the answer to your question here in our help center, you are most welcome to contact our support team

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