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  1. What is a GLN number and how do I use it?
  2. Joint enveloping
  3. Invoices in color
  4. How do I see earlier sent/received invoices?
  5. One of my customers requires e-invoices, what do I do?
  6. Can I print a copy of a sent invoice?
  7. Can I resend an invoice?
  8. What do BIC/SWIFT and IBAN mean?
  9. Which companies can receive e-invoices?
  10. I would like to delete a sent invoice. How do I do that?

Reference requirements Coor Service Management A/S - English version Follow

Reference requirements for invoices to Coor Service Management A/S

Swedish version
Danish version
English version

Minimum requirements for invoicing

All invoices must as a minimum look like this;

  • Always - The name of the client
  • Always - if the goods / service has been delivered
  • If it is stated - PO number

Coor's order numbers look like the following example; 1234-12345678

It is important that only the purchase order number is stated.
Below is a selection of examples of additional text that has been added, and thus will be rejected by Coor.

IO: 1234-12345678
Rekv. 1234-12345678
Name - 1234-12345678
1234-12345678 - Name

If the above minimum requirements are not met, we reserve the right to refuse the invoice and accept our payment obligations first from the date we receive a correctly completed invoice.


E-invoice is sent via InExchange EAN-number: 5790002105777
The following is a support to where information should be established for e-invoicing.

Reference field to different file formats

Order Number: InvoiceLine / ReferencedOrderLine / BuyersID
Reference: ReferencedOrder / BuyersOrderID
Order number: Order Reference / ID
Reference: Order Reference / Customer reference

Who should I contact if there are questions?

Contact your operator if you need help with the above.

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