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  1. Introduction to InExchange Web
  2. Create account
  3. Find your way around
  4. Create invoice
  5. Choose a customer
  6. Invoice header
  7. Invoice rows
  8. Additional charges and discounts
  9. References
  10. Invoice notes and attachments

Introduction to InExchange Web Follow

  1. Get started

    1. Introduction
    2. Create account
    3. Find your way around
  2. Send your invoices

    1. Create invoice
    2. Choose customer
    3. Invoice header
    4. Invoice rows
    5. Additional charges and discounts
    6. Invoice notes and attachments
    7. Preview and save invoice
    8. Send invoice
  3. Read more

    1. When the invoice has been sent
    2. Reminders & Debt collection - New service
    3. FAQs about InExchange Web >>
    4. Connect a customer to a recipient in the network

Through our web-based services, InExchange Web Base and Web Plus, you can easily send e-invoices to your customers simply by logging in to InExchange Network. In this guide, we explain how you get started with the service, create invoices, connect your customers to the recipients in the network, and find your sent invoices.

When you use InExchange Web Plus, you also get access to our new service - InExchange Reminders and Debt collection. This service helps with the processing of reminders and debt collections and even notifies you when it is time to send them. (The service is currently only available in Sweden.)

Our web-based services are recommended for users who do not use an ERP system for creating their invoices. If you have an ERP system, InExchange Invoice Printer is a fitting solution. It allows you to continue to create your invoices as usual, and to then print them to the virtual invoice printer. Read more about the invoice printer here.

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