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  1. Invoice to a new e-invoice recipient
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  1. Sending customer invoices

    1. FAQs about our services
    2. FAQs about invoices
    3. - Invoice to a new e-invoice recipient
    4. - Sent invoices
    5. E-invoice formats
    6. InExchange Postage Optimization
  2. Receiving supplier invoices

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No matter which of our services you use to send invoices, you can find your sent invoices from the past 18 months under the menu option Invoices > Sent invoices.


By clicking on an invoice number in this view, you can choose from several options such as resend invoice, print, create a new invoice based on the invoice in question, or credit it. If attachments were sent with the invoice, you can view them via the Attachments button.



FAQs and answers:

1. How long are my sent invoices saved for?

Invoices are saved for 18 months.

2. How can I see which delivery method was used for the invoice?

To see how an invoice was sent to the recipient, you need to have the Delivery column visible in the list of invoices on the Sent invoices page.

To add (or remove) columns:

  1. Click Select columns in the top right corner of the list of invoices (see screenshot below).
  2. Check the box for Delivery if it isn’t checked.
  3. The delivery method will now be displayed in a separate column.


3. Can I send an attachment when I resend an invoice?

Yes, you can send attachments when you resend invoices.

What to do:

  1. Go to the Sent invoices page and click the invoice number of the invoice you want to resend.
  2. Click Resend in the invoice view.
  3. A box is displayed where you can change the settings for the invoice. You can switch delivery method and correct or add information if necessary. Click Add attachment or drag and drop the file into the applicable field to send an attachment along with the invoice.
  4. Click Resend.


4. What address did we send the PDF invoice to?

Find the invoice in question on the Sent invoices page and click on the invoice number to view further information and functions.


Below the invoice details, you’ll find information on which email address the invoice was sent to.


5. Can I re-sort my sent invoices?

Your invoices can be sorted by customer name, invoice number or due date, for example. Click on the header in the relevant column to change the order.

Click Select columns to add or remove columns from the list.


Alternatively, you can search for invoices from a certain time period. Use the search fields and filter functions at the top of the page and click Report. You can now re-sort the information in the Excel document created. 

6. Can a sent invoice be deleted or cancelled?

We always do our utmost to ensure that your invoices are delivered in a fast, seamless and dependable way. As soon as you click Send, the invoices are put in a line and sent from us as soon as possible. This means we are unable to delete invoices after they have been sent.

If necessary, however, you can credit an incorrect invoice via your service with us. 

7. Can I create reports on our sent invoices?

Yes, on the Sent invoices page you can easily create Excel reports on the invoices you’ve sent in the past 18 months. 


How to create a report:

  1. Start by choosing which period the report should cover. Use the search fields and filter functions at the top of the page. For example, if you want to produce a report on invoices sent using a particular delivery method, you can filter for this under Delivery method.
  2. You can choose what to base your search on using the small arrow to the right of Invoice no..
  3. Click Select columns to choose which information to include in the report. Bear in mind that the box for Delivery must be checked if you want to include the delivery method.
  4. Click Report.

After a while, you’ll be able to download an Excel file with your chosen information.

8. How do I save my invoices for my accounting records?

Invoices are sent from the invoice issuer to the recipient via InExchange invoice exchange. In other words, we make sure that the invoice goes from A to B. You can access your invoices via your login on our website for 18 months from the date the invoice is sent.

Companies that create their invoices in invoicing software or an ERP system

If you create your invoices in invoicing software, they are usually recorded in an ERP system. You can access the original invoices in your software and, as a rule, you can save them in an electronic format. Obviously you can also print them out from your accounting software.

Contact the supplier of your ERP system if you have any questions about how the service is used.

Companies that create their invoices in our web-based services

If you create your invoices (the original invoices) in our web-based services, you can choose to Download the invoice as a PDF and/or print out a paper copy when you send it. You can then use the invoices as documents for your accounting records.

Printing out copies of invoices and downloading invoices as PDFs retrospectively

Whichever of our services you use to send invoices, you can always find the invoices you’ve sent in the past 18 months under Invoices > Sent invoices via your login on our website. You can print copies of the invoices in this view by clicking on the invoice number in question and then pressing Print. The invoice can then be saved as a PDF.

9. External status of invoices (status at the invoice recipient)

On the Sent invoices page, you can choose to display the External status column. As a supplier, here you can check the status the recipient has assigned your invoices. The information is imported from the invoice recipient’s system.

Note! Bear in mind that this information is only displayed if the recipient has activated this function.

If your invoice recipient has activated this function, you can view the status as follows:

  1. Click Select columns > External status to add the status column to the view (if it is not already displayed). 
  2. Search for the invoice in question and check the status if necessary. If the field is empty, we haven’t yet received any information on the invoice from the recipient. In this case, contact the recipient if you have any questions.
  3. If you click on an invoice (on the invoice number) with a status notification, you’ll bring up a summary of the invoice and when the information was updated (see this at the bottom of the page). External information in the Username column means that the information was imported from the recipient’s system.

If you have any questions about the status, please contact the invoice recipient for further information.


As a recipient of e-invoices, would you like us to send the status of received invoices to your suppliers? You need to have an integrated API solution for us to be able to do this. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in this feature and we’ll tell you more.

10. Why is the number of sent invoices on our invoice from you different to the number shown on InExchange Network?

On the Sent invoices page, the Sent column shows the date the invoices were sent from us. Invoices from us are based on the date the invoices were delivered to the recipient.

This is to stop you from being charged for invoices that couldn’t be delivered for some reason.


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