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  1. Installing the invoice printer
  2. I'm having trouble with PDF printing to InExchange Invoice Printer
  3. Introduction
  4. Order service
  5. Transfer invoice examples
  6. Common Invoice examples
  7. What is an invoice template?
  8. Review and approve example invoices
  9. Can I install InExchange Invoice Printer on a server?
  10. Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer

Introduction Follow

  1. About InExchange Invoice printer (Premium)

    1. Introduction
    2. Order service
  2. Get started

    1. 1 - Installing the invoice printer
    2. 2 - Transfer invoice examples
    3. 3 - Review and approve example invoices
  3. Send invoices

    1. Start invoicing your customers through the invoice printer

By using the InExchange Invoice Printer (Premium) you simplify the handling of your invoices. You choose the virtual printer instead of your normal local printer when printing your invoices, and then transfer the invoices to InExchange. One of our three modes of delivery; electronic invoice, PDF invoice or paper is chosen for the respective receiver. The invoices will then be delivered fast and easy.

You will not need to print your invoices manually anymore, you neither have to fold and envelop your invoices nor have different routines for invoices with different modes of delivery. This means that you can send your whole invoice flow through InExchange by using the same print routine, and you will be able to reach all of your customers through one service.

It's simple to get started:

Ikon_26---1.png Install the invoice printer

Ikon_26---2.png Transfer invoice examples to InExchange

Ikon_26---3.png  Review and approve the reading of the invoice examples

You can thereafter immediately start sending invoices to your customers! 

Have you already approved your invoice examples?
Then you are welcome to read more about how to work in the invoice printer and use it fully in Part 2 of this guide.

User guide - Part 2

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